Find and assess new site leads
without leaving your desk

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Find new opportunities through our range of maps, powerful search tools and alerts

We've brought the traditional land searching approach of using maps to identify new opportunities into the information age. Experience the methods you're familiar with in one convenient and easy-to-use place. On top of the traditional, we've added new layers of data, tools and features to get better insights and continue providing leads 24/7.

All the data you need in one place

Don't waste time hunting around for the information you need. We've done the hard work for you.

Automatic alerts for all your sites

Manage your sites with Land Insight and you'll have all relevant leads delivered straight to your inbox.

Automatic alerts for all your sites

Keep Land Insight working for you

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    Be the first to know about sites that match your criteria

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    Be alerted to planning applications from competitors

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    Contact the agent or owner as soon as planning is approved

Manage your sites effectively

Stay organised with your sites by attaching labels and notes. Your sites always stay highlighted on the map for quick reference.

  • Save in a single click

    Save a potential site quickly to your sites list.

  • Export for mail merge

    Users with a team plan can download all site leads straight to their desktop in one CSV file, great for doing a mail merge letter send.

  • Sharing made simple

    With one click you will have your link to then share with colleagues, investors or architects.

  • Create your own labels

    Easily sort through and organise leads with our labels feature. Everything is customisable to suit your's and your team's methods.

  • Switch between map views

    Rapidly revisit an area of interest on the map in a click from your saved sites, before pressing ahead with your plan.

  • Rewarding referrals

    If you can grow your network by recommending Land Insight we add rewards to your account and improve your levels of access.