Streamline Your Search for Land

Land Insight helps find off-market land with the potential for development. It aggregates the information you need to evaluate sites of any size for viability, and supports the process with a powerful tool set.

Technology built for speed and ease of use, Land Insight does the hard work so you don't have to.



The main benefit for us is to be able to compare planning history, site values and ownership in one place. Currently we need to draw these in from different sources and this rapidly speeds up the process
— Graham K, Swan
It’s so easy to use and fast
— Simon W, Aitch
Very good software. Land Insight has become a crucial part of our land search
— Archie W, CC Construction



Do more deals

Spend less time looking up information and more time doing what you're good at - doing the deal. 


Assess Risks

Eliminate and know your risks early. There will be deal-breakers - find out early before wasting too much time. Other risks can reduce the valuation of a site, so you need to know this.

Stay organised

With Land Insight you'll be finding more leads, so you need to be on top of which you need to follow up on and which can be left for another day.




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