Streamline Your Search for Land

Land Insight takes the frustration out of appraising off-market development sites by providing instant access to the information needed to assess viability.

It centralises the mapping and data you need to evaluate any site and supports the process with powerful workflow and collaboration tools.

Technology built for ease of use, Land Insight does the hard work so you don't have to.

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Do more deals

Spend less time looking up information and more time doing what you're good at - doing the deal. 


Assess Risks

There will be threats and deal-breakers - find out early before wasting too much time. 

Stay organised

With Land Insight you'll be finding more leads, so we provide powerful workflow tools to organise your work and stay up to date.



Land Insight is a web application that provides the core data needed to undertake site viability assessments. This gives decision makers the power of having the right information in the right place. It is designed for pro-active land teams and individuals, who regularly search for and assess development opportunities. 

The data we collate, such as planning applications and land ownership, are otherwise time consuming to access in large quantities and impossible to visualise and cross-reference together. We make it as simple as point and click, meaning more sites can be looked at in a faster time period, and it is easier to find an angle on sites you might not have considered before, giving you an edge over the competition.

Land Insight uses cutting edge technology, like big data and machine learning, to tackle the hard datasets that other platforms don't use. Our technology driven approach means we are able to provide this data for every single place, no matter how un-obvious it is as a development site. We enhance the data by making it very easy to access and view together on a map. The time savings made by having this information at your finger tips, creates huge cost efficiencies to your organisation. 

Land Insight has a range of tools that make collaboration across the organisation easier, so work is not repeated and you can easily pick up where you left off. Furthermore, it is constantly updating, so you can quickly and easily see when the leads you saved for later become live opportunities. 



It’s powerful, easy to use and fast.
— Simon Westray, Aitch
Land Insight is a comprehensive mapping system, which provides invaluable information in an easy to use format. The combined planning history and ownership information enables us to identify new opportunities at a faster pace.
— Alice Sewell, Savills
The perfect software for site finding.
— James Trott, Pocket Living

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